Choose a Monthly Coffee Subscription

Choose 1, 2 or 4 Bags per Month

$19per month
  • Single Origin

Choose 1, 2 or 4 Bags per Month

$16per month
  • House or Decaf

How do subscriptions work?

Subscriptions we offer:

  • Monthly – you pay on a monthly basis if the option selected ships once a month. You pay on a bi-weekly basis if the option selected ships twice a month.

Within each subscription type we offer 3 different ‘amount’ categories:

  • 1 Bag per Month
  • 2 Bags per Month
  • 4 Bags per Month

How does shipping work?

  • You don’t pay for shipping for subscriptions! What?! Yes.
  • We ship USPS with a 3-5 day delivery window.
  • Orders placed before 1 pm ship the same day.
  • We do not ship on Saturday or Sunday.
  • We ship 1 time per month or bi-weekly depending on the option you selected.
    • If you get the 1 bag per month option, we ship once per month at the beginning of your subscription date.
    • If you get 2 or 4 bags per month, you either get 1 bag every 2 weeks or 2 bags every two weeks.

Which coffees will you receive?

  • If you are on the Single Origin Subscription, you will receive a rotation of single origin coffees based on what is in season and what is freshly roasted.
  • If you are on the House or Decaf Subscription, you will receive whichever coffees we are offering at the time your subscription renewal order comes in.
  • Each bag of coffee is 340 grams which is about 12oz.