Wholesale Questions?

A Kingdom Coffee Roasting partnership begins with a relationship but doesn’t end with the exchange of goods for money. It continues into your place of brewing. We want to ensure the product you serve tastes like it does at any of our Kingdom Coffee locations. When you partner with Kingdom we aren’t simply trying to sell you five pound bags of our House Coffee, we want to hear about your vision and goals. We love helping with equipment recommendations and discussing how to scale for growth in a sustainable way.



Our head roaster, Chris McGuire has been in the coffee industry since 2011 and is a level one certified barista with the Specialty Coffee Association. He loves discussing brew methods, bar layout and roasting techniques. His favorite thing is being asked a question he doesn’t know the answer to, because he gets to research and learn some new coffee info. Don’t hesitate to reach out and ask him anything.



We have four coffees in stock at all times so we’re guaranteed to have something to meet your needs.

Guatemala – This one is our workhorse. It can be brewed just about any way you can imagine. In our Kingdom locations we use it as drip coffee, espresso and cold brew.

Decaf – Some people want the full taste but no jitters. This is the bean for those people. It is a single origin from Colombia and it tastes delicious. It holds its own against any coffee, decaf or otherwise.

Comfort Series – Our comfort coffee is a rotating single origin that makes you feel like you’re snuggled up in a cozy chair. The coffees in this series tend to be sweet, chocolaty and balanced.

Adventure Series – Our adventure coffee is a rotating single origin that makes you feel like you’re hang gliding over the Bermuda Triangle. The coffees in this series tend to be fruit forward with a little sweetness and bold acidity.



The pricing on our website is the amount the item will be sold for but is subject to change at any point in time. Shipping, taxes and processing charges are additional. Free shipping is available for orders over $150.



The Guatemala and Colombia Decaf are always available but the Comfort and Adventure series coffees are gone when we finish roasting our stock. The exciting part is we always have something new and delicious to serve!


Processing Orders

We roast coffee twice a week in order to keep it super fresh. Our roast days are Monday and Thursday. This next part is important.

Orders received by 10:00 AM on Monday will ship that day.

Orders received by 10:00 AM on Thursday will ship that day.

Any order received after the cutoff will be roasted and shipped the next available roast day so keep an eye on your inventory!